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I am Mohammad Hassanpour, Consultant and expert of SEO. My goal has always been to help those who are interested in SEO to enter the SEO World and enjoy it as much as I’m

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Complete seo course training

The Complete SEO course and tutorial of Vista academy is held with the aim of educating students in the field of SEO. In this course, all SEO cases from basic and main issues to advenced and the most detailed ones are taught

Mohammad Hasanpour

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Mohammad Hassanpour has been working in WordPress, site design, content production and most of all SEO area for more than 10 years and during these years he has been able to make many sites and projects successful. Hassanpour joined to Vista about 3 years ago and the result of these 3 years of cooperation has been brilliant for both parties. Hassanpour now works as the Vista SEO manager and has been able to make the Vista team one of the best at the SEO Field in Iran

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Specialized implementation of SEO projects for big companies
Achieved many successes in large and small SEO projects
Consultant of successful businesses
Training of skilled SEO expertss for various projects

Best SEO expert in Iran » Good seo Instructor characteristics

SEO is one of the digital sciences that is becoming more advanced day by day. As a result, an SEO teacher should be able to constantly growing his knowledge and keep it up to date. with these explanation, being up-to-date is perhaps of the main characteristics about being the best SEO instructor. The SEO teacher should be aware of all the algorithms and updates of search engines such as Google and know what each change means and how to react to it

Also, the SEO instructor must have complete mastery of all SEO items such as tools, applications, html and css, content production, off-page seo, on-page seo, technical seo and many other things! also he has to know the shortest way to achieve the best result

High PR is also one of the main characteristics of a SEO and an SEO instructor. In the SEO process, you work with different people and you should keep the employer satisfied as much as possible that High PR in SEO makes this process very easy

The best answer is not always the most complete answer. Sometimes the teacher has to show the student the way for him to look for the answer! This is best Answer

Questioner and Searcher SEO Teacher

Questioner and Searcher

The SEO instructor should not be limited at all, even should always be looking for better solutions

High PR SEO Teacher

High PR

Communication is very important in SEO. The SEO teacher must have good Communication and also be able to teach it

Reliable and Ethical SEO Teacher

Reliable and Ethical

In SEO, there are many ways to do things immorally or so-called black, so you should be especially sure of how the SEO teacher teaches and works

Fluent in work SEO Teacher

Fluent in work

Someone who is not proficient in SEO, can not teach it professionally! So.. a SEO instructor must be a skilled seo expert also

Being a good SEO expert does not necessarily mean being a good SEO Trainer also

Like any other knowledge, someone who has skills in seo is not a reason to be skilled in transmitting and teaching it also. Teaching is a separate field. A good teacher should be able to present and convey topics more than master them. Being the best SEO expert does not mean being the best SEO professortoo. There are many successful SEO experts who not only do not help when explaining a topic but are also more confused

The characteristics of a good teacher, however, are not limited to the correct transmission of the material. A seo teacher, like any teacher, must be patient and treat students calmly, answer questions in the best possible way, manage time to say everything without loss of quality, keep the atmosphere attractive, and Avoid monotony and put yourself in the shoes of students to see what is most important to them

Specialized technical skills that every SEO instructor should be proficient in them

SEO is very broad and everyone has a method and uses a specific set of tools for their work. But there is a set of technical skills and a set of specialized tools that every webmaster and SEO experts must know. So the SEO teacher must be fluent in these cases to be able to convey them well.

Things like html and css, working with WordPress, working with page builders, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, site analyzer tools like Ahref, Semrush and Moz, and working with design programs like Photoshop and more

An SEO expert should know at least a little bit of coding and an SEO expert familiar with these codes is ahead of his peers.

Familiarity with design is one of the most important parts for a professional SEO teacher teach his students. The beauty of a site increases user retention, which is a great help to SEO and makes the audience more connected to the site.

Analysis is also one of the biggest parts of SEO that can be considered in several aspects. The goal of SEO is to bring the most users to the site and get the best results, and analysing is a great help in this regard. Analysis of site visits, reasons for decreasing or increasing visits, analyzing of user behavior when attending the site, analyzing competitors’ strategies, psychoanalytic analysis of users in different situations, and the like are some of the things that a SEO master should know them for teach

The best SEO specialist in Iran

If the SEO professor intends to teach SEO, first of all, he must have a significant level of skills and SEO knowledge to be considered one of the top SEO apecialists in Iran; Because only then he will master all the details of this field and will also have the ability to teach, so before choosing your teacher, be sure to check the level of his abilities and expertise to see if he Is known as an SEO expert or not?

The best SEO specialist is not necessarily the best SEO teacher, but the best SEO teacher should definitely be the best SEO specialist before training, in addition to have sufficient mastery of SEO knowledge, also have significant successful experiences in optimizing a variety of sites

Characteristics of the Best SEO Expert 

As you can see, the main features of the best SEO expert are divided into two general Categories, he must be able to analyze the business, set the strategy and with complete mastery of all the technical points of optimization Get the site to its ultimate goal, Technical points include all items related to technical SEO, internal SEO and external optimization.

Introducing the best SEO expert

Although the number of people who are known as SEO experts in Tehran and Iran is limited, but familiarity and benefit from the knowledge of each of the SEO masters is important and possibly complex. First of all, note that the best seo expert in Iran does not necessarily have only face-to-face training, and you can follow the path of growth online as a student anywhere in Iran; Mohammad Hassanpour, by appearing in the list of the top ten SEOs in the country, has been able to create a successful resume for himself, both in the field of site optimization and training optimization.

Site Analyzer

Before starting to optimize any site, the best SEO expert analyzes the business and weighs all its aspects in order to adopt a suitable strategy to get started.

متخصص سئو چه کسی است؟

Mastery of technical tips

SEO expert means to have all the necessary ways and requirements to reach the destination with complete mastery, from design to internal SEO, external SEO and technical SEO, with a defined plan and strategy in hand.

How to identify a SEO specialist

The most important thing to start student courses in the field of SEO is to take the first step firmly and confidently; A safe and strong start means choosing the best SEO master and doing your practical exercises under his supervision to learn all the relevant points professionally and record it in your knowledge treasure forever. But the challenge in this direction is how to recognize and distinguish professional and non-professional SEO master.Here are some of the easiest ways to help you just do that:

Extract keywords

The first step to developing a business in the web world is to know the relevant words and optimize them in comparison with the words of competitors. A professional SEO expert has the ability to extract these words completely and accurately.

SEO strategy

Website optimization has one or more specific goals that can not be achieved without a precise path and strategy.

Black Hat SEO

A non-professional SEO specialist works for site optimization based on black hat SEO, which happens to be very quick in appearance, but these methods will destroy online business in the web in the long run.

New Google algorithms

Google artificial intelligence is constantly being updated and improved, SEO expert will quickly bring his knowledge and ability to new Google updates to optimize the site according to the rules

seo tools

No matter how much word extraction and principled strategy is done, it will not be possible to follow the path unless the SEO expert has mastered the necessary internal and external SEO tools.

Guaranteed SEO

SEO specialists who promise guaranteed SEO to business owners are in fact stamped as unprofessional; These people are definitely using malicious methods to optimize

Best Iranian seo teacher

Best seo instructor in Iran

Best Iranian seo teacher

In Iran, due to the lack of Persian language users compared to languages ​​such as English, the Persian websites are weaker. So this allows SEO webmasters and Persian sites to progress much more and faster and be more eager to learn. Many SEO instructors are trying to improve the quality of Internet space for Persian speakers and many SEO experts will step in this direction in the future. SEO professors and instructors in Iran can make this field much more prosperous and accessible

Mohammad Hasanpour works as one of The best Iran seo instructors in Vista Company. In the last few years, Vista has been able to help make the Persian web sites more quality and rich in various fields, also by teaching it by Hassanpour, this skill is also taught to others, the result of which is the improvement of the Internet space in persian and whole of the world

The next generation of Iranian SEO expertss should be able to prepare the ground for various businesses to go online. Despite committed, compassionate, knowledgeable and capable SEOs, expecting a beautiful and complete internet space in all fields is not a big expectation

Best seo instructor in Tehran

Best seo instructor in Tehran

Tehran is the most important city in Iran, where most of the country’s businesses are located. Therefore, there are many of SEO experts and SEO Companiesin in this city, This strong market in Tehran of this field has caused many people to seek SEO learning in it To meet the needs of people who want to learn SEO, many people and companies have trained it in various ways. Most of this learning is provided in the form of online courses and webinars and sometimes face-to-face classes

With all these descriptions, the important point is how to find the right SEO training company or SEO teacher to get the best results? Who is the best SEO professor in Tehran

Choosing and naming someone as the best SEO instructor is impossible and no one can claim it. There are some people who are famous in this field due to their presence in virtual networks or similar cases and claim to be the best SEO masters and their course is the best. But by attending and looking at their training, one can easily realize its low quality level. Therefore, when finding the best SEO teacher from whom to learn this science and technology, it is better to consider more important things instead of fame. Items such as teaching style, credibility, opinions of people who have participated in previous courses and the results obtained by the teacher

With a little Google searching you will find a lot of companies and SEO masters to teachs. the choice of best one may be difficult, but with a little study about each course and obtaining complete information, you can find the right SEO tutorial and teacher

Best SEO Expert In Tehran

Mohammad Hassanpour, as the main instructor of Vista Academy SEO course, is one of the best seo teachers in Tehran and the country at present. As we said, The seo course held by Vista Academy is one of the best and most complete courses in the country, which is run by Hassanpour. If you are looking to participate in an SEO course to learn from 0 to 100 and you are looking for a professional SEO training teacher to learn this knowledge in Tehran and in person, Vista and Hassanpour are the best possible choices

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Best SEO Trainer In Iran

Mohammad Hasanpoor

SEO Manager and SEO trainer @ Vista Company

Digital Marketing / Web deign / UI / UX / Web Analyze

Mohammad Hasanpor - SEO Master

SEO Manager and SEO trainer @ Vista Company

Digital Marketing / Web deign / UI / UX / Web Analyze

Mohammad Hasanpor - SEO Master

Mohammad Hasanpour

What kind of SEO teacher is mohammad hasanpur

Undoubtedly, one of the first things you will notice during Hasanpour’s classes is that it is attractive. Hassanpour’s training is not boring at all and people will not even notice the passage of time. Shad Hassanpour’s happy spirit makes the atmosphere of his classrooms fresh and they have a good time while learning the topics of the students. Another characteristic of Hassanpour when teaching is that he does not teach one-sidedly and receives a lot of helps from students. This will increase the students’ effort and learn more quickly

Another characteristic of Hassanpour is his respect for the educational environment. This respect can be clearly seen in his teaching, in relation to the students and their time. In the end, it should be said that Hasanpoor is an effective teacher; This means that the person sitting in mohammad hasanpoor’s class will not easily forget it after the lesson is over. If a person is really interested in SEO, Hassanpour is someone who can help him become the best SEO specialist in Iran. you may ask about the meaning of the best specialist in iran, What are the characteristics of the best SEO specialist and etc. so lets talk about these questions

Respectful SEO Teacher


Responder SEO Teacher


Jolly SEO Trainer


Patient SEO Teacher


Creative SEO Teacher


Punctual SEO Trainer


Characteristics of Mohammad Hassanpour as an SEO teacher

Hassanpour is simple in appearance, but this is completely different in his personality. Perhaps the first thing you feel in his presence is the respect he will give you. His behavior inspires you to be a respectable person and this increases your self-confidence.

SEO is a time consuming process and requires a lot of patience. This issue has caused patience in Hassanpour’s behavior.

Creativity is another important thing about Hassanpour. With a brief look at his work history and the projects he has worked on, one can clearly see innovation and creativity, and this creativity can also be seen in the way he teaches.

A sense of humor and freshness and head of life are also important things about Hasanpur that can not be ignored. The people gets better with the presence of him, and in his absence, vacancy is always felt

Mohammad Hasanpoor SEO teaching method

The teaching method of Hassanpour and Vista Academy in general is simultaneously practical theory in real projects. In this way, people must have a web site for themselves or create it so that training can happen in practice. When a person can launch a site from the beginning and do all the work himself, he can become a professional faster than any other method.

In real projects, Hassanpour helps people to build their web site with proper knowledge, design and page layout, produce content for it, do SEO and finally how to communicate with customers. . All of this will be taught to students as they work to do and learn on their actual sites by him.

One of the most important characteristics that every SEO specialist in any position and rank should have but less mentioned till yet, is compassion. A good SEO Expert will treat any site in his hand like a child and will do his best to get the best possible result from it

Hassanpour as SEO Vista Manager

Hasanpour Mohammad - seo instructor

SEO Manager is called experts who lead and lead an SEO team. Every big project needs a team and every team needs a manager. The SEO manager should be able to lead a team of experts and specialist in the best way and at the same time be able to establish a good relationship with other parts of the organization to help the company’s ultimate goal

In Vista, Hassanpour has the task of guiding SEO specialists who work on customer sites in all fields that The ultimate goal is to bring success to various employers and businesses

When working with Hassanpour, one can clearly see his enthusiasm for work, for progress and for the best result. This enthusiasm for his work makes most people eager to cooperation and continuing working with him. Hassanpour’s compassion for work spreads to other people, and that is why the SEO Vista Team is working with the highest efficiency

a conversation with Mohammad Hasanpour Shoushtari

mohammad hasanpour - Best SEO expert in Iran

Mohammad Hasanpor

Vista SEO Manager

Manager And Instructor Of Vista Academy Development
Best SEO Teacher In Iran

? How long have you been working in this field

Since when I got acquainted with WordPress and programming languages like PHP about 10 years ago, I quickly became interested in them. I spent my teenage years to learning and designing many sites for myself in various fields. Then I saw that the same thing could be done for others and help them, Therefore I started it for the business of others, so I entered the field. During this time I have worked with many businesses and I have been able to help them to promote and create web sites, design it, SEO and content production.

? How did your cooperation with Vista come about

I joined Vista about three years ago. Until then, I had a lot of experience in various fields in this area and I was in charge of the teams and various projects. But when I came to Vista, due to the professional atmosphere, They re-trained the SEO knowledge in a completely principled way to me. It may seem strange, but I, who was already in charge of leading the team in SEO projects, became an intern again in Vista company and re-learned SEO in theire completely professional way

? How many examples of projects did you work on before Vista

For example, if I want to say that in the student mobilization organization, For the First time In the history of this organization, we were able to hold the Conduct Tarhe Velayat exams online manner, or we implemented the portal projects and launching the sites and their SEO of the Mahan Institute

?In general, What is the area of your expertise

Everything a business needs to be seen online. From the beginning and raising the site in WordPress, site design and its UI and UX and finally SEO, which is the most important part of the work. Also, customer relationship issues and negotiation techniques, which are the needs of a SEO man skilled

? What is your goal in teaching in this course

In general, my goal is for what happened to me to happen to others. I want to help people who interest to work in this field and people who want to start their own business as much as I can

if God wants, we will do our best to Teach all the way from 0 to 100 to people who want to enter the job market and introduce them to real projects, the excellent students of the course will directly attract to Vista Company And will start working. other students with the preparation and teaching that we will give them can be easily hired in any organization. Also for people who own a business or want to get involved in this field, we will help them or their agent get to work and run their business for years at no extra cost

?Honestly, do you recommend SEO to all businesses

Ahead of my suggestion, it is the business owners themselves who need to research to see if they are needs SEO at this point in their business. Is it cost-effective for them, given the circumstances they are aware of

But if a member of my own family asks me this question, I will definitely say YES! Do it. I will approve any cost that is done in the direction of SEO because it will come back to you much more, of course with a rovided proper and accurate planning

In general, what is your view on SEO? how you mean it

SEO means being known from the moment the idea formed in your mind to the moment of success and the moment that everyone knows you. SEO is something that will be with you from the beginning and likewise will stay with you until the end

? Let simply ask, what is SEO

SEO is an art, a skill, a specialty, a feeling, a hobby and much more. SEO puts many ways in front of towards, your future and goals; You can work for yourself, you can be a completely professional expert, you can be a fine and meticulous designer, In SEO, you can be a holistic person; you can be fast or slow, also can work simple or you can Add complexity to the work.

Hassanpour finds a way to every problem, so he will not leave any important and unsolvable problem for himself

حامد عباس زاده

Hamed Abaszade

Vista - App Design Manager

Hasanpour’s sense of responsibility and conscientiousness makes him a trustworthy person who can easily handle any responsibility given to him

Mostafa Mojarad as Vista - Website Manager

Mostafa Mojarad

Vista - Website Manager

Hasanpour is a person who does not do anything recklessly and considers all aspects. From this point of view, working with him is reassuring and enjoyable

Sahar Karimifard as Vista - Web Design Manager

Sahar Karimifard

Vista - Web Design Manager

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